16 August 2012

Wisdom: Living Well

moth2As I posted some time back, the definition of biblical wisdom which I learnt at my alma mater, Highland Theological College (during the excellent Wisdom Literature module) was:

Wisdom is living well in God’s good, but fallen, world.

I think this is an excellent working definition, but I would like to amend it.

Wisdom is living well in God’s good world, both in the fallen and in the redeemed.

Not quiet as snappy, but I believe that wisdom itself (including the task of wisdom) will be a feature of the renewed earth. In the regeneration (as Jesus calls it in Matt 19:28), the realisation of true wisdom in every person, through the resurrection of bodies totally aligned to the motivation of God’s Spirit (1 Cor 15:44), will be one feature of the life of the new community, with Christ, our wisdom, as the head.